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Each Temple is designed with the Eternal Family in mind.  The Family provides the list of names from their family tree beginning with the Mother and Father that was married in that particular LDS Temple and Jerry hides them throughout the artwork.  The names are not hidden just once but several times.  Some are easy to find while others will take time to locate.

These Temples are large 16"x20" drawings that fit the common 16x20 size.  They have the Savior overlooking the Temple. and occasionally I can add a faint silhouette of the married couple such as in the Hadley-San Diego Temple.  There are many options available and I try to incorporate new ideas.  I am open to any ideas customers envision as well.
Bountiful Temple
San Diego Temple
Ogden Temple
Salt Lake Temple
Manti Temple
Salt Lake Temple
San Diego Temple
Salt Lake Temple
Logan Temple

Custom Temples Normally $699.00 on Sale $499.00


Temple Art Prints are Available for                          $75.00




I'm hand etching a 1969 Mustang Shelby on a black tile piece.


Creating images for Nationwide Monument to enhance their design quality and options.  


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We delivered on every order for Christmas.  Looking forward to upcoming anniversaries and the 4th of July.


Memorial Day and the 4th of July is bringing on Patriotic people across the country.

Salt Lake Temple

Custom Pencil Art, Custom Artwork $699.00