Custom Pencil Artwork

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Hidden Family Tree

People and Portraits

Animals and Vehicles

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Custom Artwork and Personalized Prints

Dall Sheep, Rocky Mt. Big Horn, Desert Big Horn, Stone Sheep


Working with the Hidden Family Tree line of artwork, I've been able to provide families that began in LDS Temples with a rendition of their eternal sealing location with an image of the Savior overhead

and their entire family tree of names hidden throughout. Sometimes over a hundred names can be found throughout the drawing.  Custom Pencil Art was created to show some of my artwork and enable families and individuals to contact me directly to get their own custom pencil art print.


Family and friends have given me the inspiration to continue this venture over the years.  I love to share my talents with those that appreciate beautiful artwork. Giving families warm 

feelings of remembrance for their loved ones is my desire and ultimate goal.  One of the greatest feelings is that of happy tears caused by a special work of art. Custom Pencil Art would not be possible if it were not for my family.  I have been blessed in my life and hope to give back.


I create custom artwork of pets, of favorite animals, of first cars, of cherished moments, and loved keepsakes.  Provide me with your pictures and I will create a work of art for you to enjoy with your family and friends.  On the Custom Pencil Art website you can peruse through the pages, pick something that feels perfect for you and I will create your own custom pencil art.

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I'm hand etching a 1969 Mustang Shelby on a black tile piece.


Creating images for Nationwide Monument to enhance their design quality and options.  


You can visit 





We delivered on every order for Christmas.  Looking forward to upcoming anniversaries and the 4th of July.


Memorial Day and the 4th of July is bringing on Patriotic people across the country.